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It's been a long time since I've updated

Nothing exciting happening at the moment. Just working, this week has been hell though, work has been flat out and so busy. But heading for a three week trip to Japan, Korea and Singapore in a couple of weeks, so at least I have something to look forward to. I really can't wait to go travelling again.

Wow, surprising I still get some comments on my past arts/icons. It must have been years since I have posted them. I don't have the time nor the interest anymore, but then again, my style would be so out of date with all the techniques that keep coming out!! Plus what would I icon these days anyway? I hardly watch television anymore - the only one I catch up on is How I Met Your Mother and Ugly Betty.

What has been happening with everybody else??
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The Office episodes ... where?

I am catching up on episodes of The Office. Looking for the last three episodes of season 5 (episodes 24-26). Cannot find the torrents for these :( Still need to catch up on some shows since returning from my travels a couple of months ago. Help?
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Sorry for not posting in a very long time

I have forgotten about my LJ, not sure if any of you know, I have gone on my big adventure and backpacking and travelling around. I have been gone for over a month now and have been to Hawaii, Malaysia, Cambodia and currently in Vietnam now. After that, I will be in Thailand, Italy, France, England and finally Canada. I am having a great time, experience new things and doing something different rather than sitting in front of the computer doing icons (which I haven't done in well over a year!). I have no idea what is going on with TV shows either, I haven't had a chance to catch up or read on updates :(

Hope everyone is well and hope I'll post more regularly.
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I am considering moving to Canada for a year or two in May next year.

How is Toronto? Will it be ok for me to find an office job? Especially with the current economic situation?
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Yesterday I booked my tickets to Hawaii for 11 nights to go in February. I've only just been thinking about it for a few days and suddenly booked my flights. Although I am going by a budget carrier but it was on sale and I end up saving more than half the cost of a regular flight.

When I come back from Hawaii, I will be gone again a week later, this time flying to Malaysia and travelling to Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand (and maybe Egypt) for a couple of months before I head off to find work in London for a year or so. But will the crappy economy now, who knows if I could even find a job in the UK! But I have always wanted to do this when I finished uni/college – travelling around and not think about a career yet.
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One Tree Hill and other shows

Over the last two days I have caught up on episodes of OTH that I hadn't watched - last four episodes of last season and the 3 from this season. Even six seasons in, I still love this show and has not lost its touch. Usually I don't keep up with a show for that long ... maybe except Smallville which I am pretty much over now. First season of season 8 starts tomorrow, but I am not going to bother. Yes I watched mainly cos of Clana but has gone downhill anyway.

I have been into Korean stuff lately and pretty much forgotten about US shows for the last few months (damn you strike!!). I realized yesterday that Bones is already 3 episodes into the new season so gotta download and play catch up. Also The Office starts next week, not sure about Ugly Betty, Private Practice, HIMYM,  CSI: NY and Heroes. Don't think I could be stuffed with Grey's Anatomy and Pushing Daisies anymore. What's going on with Friday Night Lights and Battlestar Galactica? I think I am a whole season behind on those shows :(

And what about the new shows for this year, haven't heard much about them because I don't bother to keep up, but anything worth checking out?

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The Dark Knight

Watched The Dark Knight last night at the imax theatre.

It was only ok, the effects were great and Heath was amazing, but other than that it was too fast paced for me to actually follow what the hell was going on. 

My friend fell asleep and was even snoring in the cinema until I woke him up when I realized what was happening lol.
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Learning a language ... which one?

I've recently finished my uni course and will graduate in October, and now want to pick up a language (yep, want to continue with the studying lol). Any suggestions on which language I should start off with?

I am looking for one that is not too hard to learn, and one using the latin alphabet (no Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Arabic please). Preferably a European language. At the moment, I am more leaning towards French and German, mainly because they are widely learnt and spoken. I want to do this online on my own, can't afford classes or books at the moment. Any free onine beginners courses that anyone can recommend?

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