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Resource Post

I am now putting this in a separate post away from my userinfo so it looks tidier and cleaner, and would make it easier for me to update my resources.


77words, aconite, amethystia, arisubox, damnicons, donatello, ewanism, oh_pants, haydens_hunnie, iconisms, justmi, lasciviae, sir, lostaddict, meleada, minusthewalrus, myrasis, noctuidae, radon_, ohfreckle, scarsonchest, neke, tsukicon, pixar_eve, wash_when_dirty, xxkitty_katexx, asya_17
textures and patterns

_darkdreaming, _dysfunction, _ravenwing, aconite, aloneinthetown, ameysthia, anoldloveletter, boogieland, brevet, cala_jane, cauldroncake, colorfilter, damnicons, dekolette, dieaku, erniemay, fadedicons, garingungkadol, dearest, girlboheme, icongrapher, iconistas, illgoeast, iris_elegance, jadedicons, jessiesquash, jubilli, killabarbie, leakedout, myrasis, nyau, onebigshrug, orchidee, promenadeicons, puppetarium, redbeccama, september_icons, stargator_gal, teh_andy, tihana, trytradegy, tsuyoari, tuulia_, wash_when_dirty, x_crystalline 

I use many brushes with my arts, so if I use them without credit please let me know who made them so I can credit. I really should take note of who made the brushes I download in future.
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